Office of the Deputy Commandant



The mission of the Deputy Commandant is to directly assist the Commandant in ensuring that the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence provides professional military education that develops enlisted leaders into fit, disciplined, well-educated professionals capable of meeting the challenges of an increasingly complex world. The Deputy Commandant’s focus is down and inward on the organization to ensure proper functioning of all aspects of training, education, and support staff procedures IAW applicable regulations and the Commandant’s intent. The Deputy Commandant of NCOLCoE serves concurrently as Deputy Commandant of the SGM-A.


The Deputy Commandant consists of one (1) authorized position, which is designated as a 1-Star Nominative Command Sergeant Major billet selected by the Commandant. The Fort Bliss NCO Academy (NCOA), Reserve Component Force Integration, and the Office of the Registrar are direct reporting elements under the Deputy Commandant.


  • The Deputy Commandant exercises mission command over the execution of the courses taught at and by the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence. Oversees the Fort Bliss NCO Academy.
  • Monitors the overall health of the NCOLCoE Equal Opportunity Climate and makes suggestions, as needed, to the Commandant, Directors and chiefs ensuring a successful program.
  • Ensures quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC) on all dismissal packets from the BLC academies, and oversees validations conducted by the Fort Bliss NCO Academy.
  • Makes decisions on dismissal packets from the SMC-R, SMC-DL, MLC, MLC-DL, and BSNCOC courses.
  • Serves as approving authority for Temporary Duty (TDY) requests.
  • Exercises mission command over the Fort Bliss Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA).
  • Exercises mission command over the Reserve Component Force Integration.
  • Exercises mission command over the Office of the Registrar.
  • Serves as proponent and point of contact for the organization’s Fair Hiring Policy.

Office of the Deputy Commandant Seal