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Provide Professional Military Education that develops enlisted leaders to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world, and develop leaders who are fit, disciplined, and well-educated professionals.

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Workforce Development
The Sergeants Major Academy (SGM-A) is offering a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Workforce Development (BA in LWD) Degree. The BA in LWD Degree is a 120 credit hour undergraduate degree program offered in the resident Sergeants Major Course (SMC) and awarded by the Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC). The NCOLCoE is working to build a degree path through all levels of the NCO Professional Development System that supports and culminates with the BA in LWD Degree. The BA in LWD Degree Program Catalog outlines the type of college credits earned along the NCOPDS learning continuum from other universities, CLEP, DSST tests, and work experience. The BA in LWD Degree focuses on Leadership and Workforce Development core competencies and essential skills related to all NCO duties and responsibilities that translate directly to stackable education and enhances NCO leader development. The CGSC is the regionally accredited institution with authority from the Higher Learning Commission, Department of Education, and Title 10 U.S. Code to award the BA in LWD Degree to qualified graduates of the SMC.

Undergraduate Certificate In Leadership Workforce Development
All students attending the Sergeants Major Course (SMC), both resident (R) and distance learning (DL), are eligible to earn an undergraduate certificate in LWD from CGSC effective Academic Year 2021-2022 (SMC-R Class 72 and SMC-DL Class 47).

Eligibility to pursue the 32 credit hour CGSC Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership and Workforce Development is limited to U.S. and international students enrolled in the resident or non-resident Sergeants Major Course (SMC-R or SMC-DL). To earn the Undergraduate Certificate in LWD, an SMC-R or SMC-DL student must:
pass all fifteen LWD courses with a ‘C’ (70%) or better,  achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (‘C’) for all LWD courses, and graduate from the SMC.

CGSC will not accept transfer credit to meet CGSC Undergraduate Certificate in LWD requirements to include transfer credit to replace a course that was failed during the SMC.

This is a great opportunity for our professionals to earn an academic certificate for their Professional Military Education (PME) gained while a student at the SGM-A. The LWD certificate most accurately reflects the learning from the SMC to make it relatable to the civilian community. This was done through an in-depth evaluation of the curriculum that is taught during the SMC and cross walking it with requirements for an academic certificate in LWD.

More information may be found in the CGSC course catalog (CGSC Circular 350-1).

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