Office of the Registrar



The Office of the Registrar supports the academic needs of all courses offered at The NCOLCoE & SGM-A including the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS), DA Forms 1059, class demographic profiles, student rosters, diplomas, ceremonial programs as well as analyzing class statistics (graduation and attrition rates). Manages and provides support for the The NCOLCoE & SGM-A forms and publication system.


  • Manage ATRRS for SGM-A (TRAPs, class schedules, student coding)
  • Prepare and distribute DA Forms 1059 and DD Forms 2496
  • Prepare and distribute recurring reports
  • Manage the SMDR and ARPRINT processes
  • Coordinate class schedules and student loads for all The NCOL CoE & SGM-A courses
  • Manage constructive/equivalent credit
  • Maintain individual student folders
  • Maintain historical information pertaining to graduates and non-graduates



Mailing Address:
Commandant, The NCOLCoE
Attn: ATSS-DAR (Registrar)
11291 SGT E. Churchill St.
Fort Bliss, TX 79918-8002