The primary goal of the FDRP is to develop and grow instructor competencies. The FDRP will enable evaluators and supervisors to develop, train, and mentor instructors; providing added value to unit training when the instructor returns to the field.

Participation in the FDRP is voluntary. Instructors assigned to an instructor billet after2 May 2018 and teach approved content are eligible for the FDRP.

The three badges symbolize knowledge, leadership, and commitment. A ring of thirteen stars represents the original 13 colonies and the critical role that instructors played in building the nascent Army. The torch signifies zeal for training/education and commitment to lifelong learning. The concentric rings radiating from the flame of the torch symbolize the instructor’s role in the three training domains: institutional, operational, and self-development. All three cohorts are represented through the NCO halberd, officer sword, and the owl’s quill for civilian instructors. The open book symbolizes wisdom attained through training and education. The Latin text “EXPERTO CREDE” inscribed on the open book means, “Believe one who has had experience in the matter.” The uppermost star in the senior and master level badges is a compass rose, also referred to as a leadership star. The Master level badge has a laurel wreath edge which represents accomplishment.

Army Instructor/Facilitator Competencies
Domain Competencies

Professional Foundations

Communicate effectively.
Update and improve one’s professional knowledge and skills.
Comply with established ethical and legal standards.
Establish and maintain professional credibility.

Planning and Preparation

Plan instructional methods and materials.
Prepare for instruction.

Instructional Methods and Strategies

Stimulate and sustain learner motivation and engagement.
Demonstrate effective presentation skills.
Demonstrate effective facilitation skills.
Demonstrate effective questioning skills.
Provide clarification and feedback.
Promote retention of knowledge and skills.
Promote transfer of knowledge and skills.
Use media and technology to enhance learning and performance.
*Facilitate life-long learning.  

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