CSM S. Steve Gibbs
CSM S. Steve Gibbs
1SG Casey Lee Brantner
1SG Casey Lee Brantner
Deputy Commandant
1SG Patrick Adams
1SG Patrick Adams
First Sergeant
SFC Dennis Moody
SFC Dennis R Moody
Chief of Training

Provide challenging academic and performance based assessments in a learner-centric environment with the goal of developing critical and creative thinkers capable of solving problems and building teams to win decisively in a complex world.

Course Description
The Basic Leader Course is the first step in the Noncommissioned Officer Education System and represents a Soldiers’ first return to formal schooling after Advanced Individual Training (AIT). BLC is geared toward Soldiers preparing for promotion to sergeant. The Fort Bliss NCO Academy’s BLC is a non-MOS specific leadership course that provides Soldiers with the basic tools to do what is expected of them as noncommissioned officers. Students are provided opportunities to practice and demonstrate what they are taught in a fast-paced and challenging atmosphere. They are placed in leadership positions and evaluated on their leadership abilities.

NLT 01 May 22, CoEs, Centers and Schools ensure that, prerequisites for attendance, graduation requirements, and all course material align with and adhere to current Army policies for ACFT implementation, record physical fitness data (APFT), and HT/WT requirements. Additionally, Soldiers attending BLC can’t be flagged (SFPA – Suspension of Personnel Favorable Action), nor have Temporary Profiles. Ensure all Soldiers (including ATRRS slotted, walk-ons, COMPO-1, COMPO-2, and COMPO-3) submit an enrollment packet to 1AD Schools (Ms. Webb-Sosa and/or SSG Osborne) no later than two weeks before the report date.

Contact Us:
Email us at: FortBlissNCOA@army.mil

Deputy Commandant (915) 568-5962
First Sergeant (915) 568-1090
Chief of Training (915) 568-4744
Staff Duty (915) 955-2460


Effective for cycle 003-22 and until further notice, the Fort Bliss NCOA will conduct the Basic Leader Course 100% Resident. All assessments and lessons will be conducted in person.