Degree Programs



The Degree Program Office provides quality education services to the students, staff and faculty, family members, and contractors of the SGM-A. These services are designed to increase student/Soldier education profiles and provide opportunities for continued personal and professional development. This is achieved by providing one-on-one counseling, test administration services, and individual education development programs through various colleges/universities and the College of the American Soldier (CAS) Advanced Degree Program (ADP).


Provides orientation to educational services available at SGM-A to all incoming personnel, faculty, staff, students, contract support personnel, and family members.

Provides day-to-day educational counseling and advisory services to SGM-A personnel with regard to continuing, voluntary education programs; degree planning; integration of Army education, training, and career experiences into higher education programs; professional licensing and certification programs; GoArmyEd tuition assistance program, and VA educational benefits programs.

Serves as point of contact for external universities and colleges providing educational services to the SGM-A community. Provides orientation to universities and colleges concerning methods of operation, standards of conduct, etc.

Serves as event planner for the annual SGM-A Black & Gold graduate recognition ceremony.