Warrant Officer One Patrick Ekirita

Forces Sergeant Major of Uganda People’s Defence Forces

Warrant Officer One Ekirita joined the national Resistance Movement, now the UPDF in 1985 and fought the guerilla war that brought his Excellency President Yoweri K. Musevini into power in 1986. 

Warrant Officer Ekerita served in numerous leadership positions throughout his career including Section Commander (1986); Platoon Sergeant (1987); Company Quarter Master 7th Battalion, Southern Sudan (1992); Regimental Sergeant Major, Mugabi Regiment, Singo (1993); Regimental Sergeant Major, Seguya Regiment (1995); Senior Instructor, Singo (1999); School Sergeant Major – Uganda Military Academy, Kabamba (2001), and Academy Sergeant Major - Uganda Military Academy (2003).  A veteran military officer with guerilla warfare experience, WO1 Ekirita was assigned as the Land Forces Sergeant Major for the Uganda Peoples Defence Force since 2006.

His military courses include Basic Infantry Course, School of Infantry, Jinja, Uganda (1986); Instructors Course, British Military Advisory Training (1987); Section Commanders Course (1989); Platoon Sergeants Course, Tanzania Military Training Team, Jinja, Uganda (1991).

Warrant Office One Ekirita’s civilian and military education includes certification in HIV/AIDS Counseling, Disaster Management, and Hygiene and Sanitation.

WO1 Ekirita is an ethnic Musoga from Eastern Uganda – Kamuli District and was born on 16 June 1966. His hobbies include Soccer, music, and socializing.  He is married and has children.