SMA Mario Bagaric

Sergeant Major of the Armed Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sergeant Major of the Army Mario Bagaric was born in Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 1 September 1972.  He completed Kakanj High School where he acquired an occupation as a mechanics technician.  SMA Bagaric is very athletic and participates in a variety of sports, but primarily enjoys playing volleyball.

In October 1991, SMA Bagaric joined the Bosnia and Herzegovina Resistance movement against the ex-Yugoslav Army and in April 1992 he joined Croatian Council of Defense (HVO).  His first unit and first experience with the military was as a Military Policeman.  During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he spent his wartime service as a member of the Military Police, serving in different positions from policeman through squad leader.

In August 1996, he was appointed as signal NCO in the Military Police battalion’s S3 section.  After completing his assignment in the operations section, SMA Bagaric was appointed as personnel NCO to the Rapid Reaction Forces.  This was his first assignment to a multinational Brigade of the Federation B&H Army Federation, and it provided him with valuable experience.

In the summer of 2004, SMA Bagaric was appointed as a personnel NCO at the Joint Command of Federation Bosnia Herzegovina Army.  After the establishment of the Bosnia Herzegovina State level Ministry of Defense and the Joint Staff, he took on a new challenge and applied for a job at the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces Bosnia Herzegovina.

In August 2005, SMA Mario Bagaric was selected for his current position as the Sergeant Major of the Armed (SMA) Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.