PA Tiberiu-Augustine Nicolau

Plutonier Adjutant for the Minister of Defense, Romania

As the senior NCO of the Minister of Defense, Plutonier Adjutant Nicolau is responsible for mentoring the Roamanian Land, Air and Naval enlisted forces and representing their needs to the Minister of Defense.  His primary focus is on enlisted training and NCO Development.  Throughout his career, Plutonier Adjutant Nicolau has served in every noncommissioned officer and leadership position from tank commander to NCO counselor.

A Native from Lasi, he entered the Army on 26 August 1984, attending the NCO Armor School at Pitesti.  He served as the first NCO Counselor of the Chief, Romanian Staff (CJCS); NCO Counselor (SCM) of the 10th Division; Operations SGM (G3) 10th Division; Operations SGM (G7) 10th Army Corp; Battalion Operations (S3) SGM; Tank Platoon Leader, Instructor, and Tank Commander of the Regimental Commanders Tank and Tank Driver.

Plutonier Adjutant Nicolau’s military and civilian education includes the Military School for NCOs, Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course, Counselor (CSM) Course, Amphibious Vehicle Driver Course, Advanced English Language Course, Senior NCO Course, Leadership/Training/Warrior Course, and the NATO Course.  He holds a master’s degree in Management and Technology Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Security and National Defense.

His awards and decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal for 15 Years, Meritorious Service Medal for 20 years, Military Virtue Medal, Second Class, Emblem of Honor presented by Minister of Romanian Defense.

Plutonier Adjutant Nicolau assumed his position as NCO Counselor of the Romanian Minister of Defense on 1 November 2006.

Plutonier Adjutant Tiberiu-Augustine Nicolau is a graduate of Class 54 of the United States Army Sergeants Major Course.