(CWO) Yeo Keng Hua

Sergeant Major of the Army Singapore Armed Forces

June 1989 – Present

Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Yeo Keng Hua enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) on 14 June 1989. He enlisted as an Infantryman, and has taken on many appointments, and attended numerous prestigious courses during his 32 years of service. Currently, CWO Yeo is the 9th Sergeant Major of the Army, SAF.

CWO Yeo assumed the position of Sergeant Major of the Army, the pinnacle Warrant Officer appointment in the Singapore Army, on 22 February 2022. This appointment is a testament to the highest standards that he consistently held himself to in leading, training and managing personnel in the SAF. Other notable  appointments that he excelled in included Regimental Sergeant Major of 2nd Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment, Brigade Sergeant Major of 3rd Singapore Infantry Brigade, Chief Master Trainer of Specialist and Warrant Officers Institute, and Division Sergeant Major of 9th Singapore Division/ Infantry.

CWO Yeo firmly believes that every Warrant Officer and Specialist (WOSpec) plays the role of a Warfighter-Trainer-Leader with four key responsibilities: Taking Charge of Training, Deepening Skills, and Knowledge, Leading and Managing WOSpecs, and Enforcing Regimentation and Discipline. Apart from these, CWO Yeo is responsible for all Soldiering Fundamentals (SOFUN), Regimentation and Discipline (R&D), Parade and Ceremony (P&C), Customs and Traditions and the Army Dress matters, working hand in hand with the Sergeant Major community. He also works with the Control of Personnel Centre (CPC) on Warrant Officers and Specialists postings and overseas courses.

As training resumes in post-pandemic times, CWO Yeo believes that training should resume in a calibrated and deliberate manner both progressively and safely. With each generation of Soldiers, trainers must adapt to connect with them so that they can be trained more effectively. When Soldiers develop a stronger sense of purpose in their training, it will naturally boost their performance and morale. Trainers must ensure that high standards are achieved in Soldiering fundamentals and training outcomes, without compromising their safety. Be a role model to their Soldiers and lead by example. Treat their Soldiers like their siblings or children so that their well-being is taken care of.

CWO Yeo is committed to the military profession and lifelong learning. His professional military education included prestigious overseas courses such as the United States Army Sergeants Major Course, as well as the SAF Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College (Executive) Course. In recognition of his outstanding contributions and commitment, he was awarded the State Medal for the Military (Long Service Medal), State Medal for the Military (Efficiency Medal) and the SAF Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (30 Years). CWO Yeo is a graduate of Class 63 of the United States Army Sergeants Major Course. CWO Yeo is happily married to his wife, Rosaline. They have two children, Ryan and Rachel.