Chief Warrant Officer 4 Krzysztof Stanislaw Gadowski

Command Senior Enlisted Leader General Command of the Polish Armed Forces

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Krzysztof Gadowski’s military career started in September 1989, in the Secondary Aviation School. In July 1994, he became a cadet in the Military Academy of Technology. Two years later, he joined the Communication Warrant Officer School graduating in as a Junior Warrant Officer in June 1998. His first assignment was as an Air Sovereignty Operation Centre operator in the Central Command Post, Warsaw, Poland.

In March 1999, CW4 Gadowski became the first Polish Air Force Noncommissioned Office in the NATO structure with an assignment to Interim Combined Air Operation Centre 2 Kalkar, Germany, and worked as an Air Surveillance Officer’s Assistant, Duty Controller Assistant, Fighter Allocator Assistant, and Alerting Operator. CW4 Gadowski was assigned for four years at the Combined Air Operation Centre and appointed to the Air Operations Centre in Warsaw as an Alerting and Reporting Operator. In May 2005, he become the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Commander at the AOC. In 2006 he returned to the Current Operations Branch at the AOC as an Air Traffic Coordination Specialist. In July 2007, CW4 Gadowski joined the NATO E-3A Airborne Early Warning and Control System component in Geilenkirchen, Germany where held a Surveillance Operator position. During his tour at Geilenkirchen he also served as a Surveillance Operator Instructor and Evaluator and logged more than 1,350 flight hours. In August 2011, he was promoted to CW4 and was assigned as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Air Force Commander at the Air Force Headquarters in Warsaw. In January 2014, CW4 Gadowski was assigned to the Command Senior Enlisted Leader (Sergeant Major of the Armed Forces) position at the General Command of the Polish Armed Forces HQ, Warsaw.

CW4 Gadowski has been deployed several times including Operation Active Endeavour in 2010; International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) 2011 to 2014; and Operation Unified Protector (OUP) 2011.

His awards and decorations include the 3rd Class Long Service Medal, Campaign Star for Air Crew, Campaign Star for Afghanistan second award, Silver Medal of Merit for National Defense, Silver Medal Armed Force in the Service of the Country, NATO Non-Article 5 Medal for OUP and ISAF, Deserved Soldier 3rd Class Badge.

CW4 Gadowski’s military and civilian education include Communication Warrant Officer School, NATO Joint Airspace Control Course, Surveillance Operator Course, Surveillance Operator Instructor Course, ACO Air and ASACS Operations TACEVAL Evaluator Course, Surveillance Operator Evaluator Course, Military Leadership Course, and the NATO Command Senior Enlisted Course. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Career Advising from Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education, Warsaw, Poland.

CW4 Gadowski is married to Ilona they have two children, Aleksandra 15 and Jakub 13.

CW4 Gadowski is a graduate of Class 67 of the Sergeants Major Course.