Eligibility: Academy students Tri-service have priority, AD Cadre,  Int’l Students, Post Tri-Service, Cadre Ret., Family members (in precedence).​

Appointments: Call the front desk at 915-742-8013 or visit the clinic for assistance.​

​Services Provided:  ​

BP Checks and counseling ​

Vision screening ​

MRC/MEDPROS updates​

EM wave ​

5x5 fitness plans ​

Fitness plans IAW: Muscle endurance/Hypertrophy/Strength​

ACFT prep ​

Weight management​

Nutrition counseling ​

Strength and power ​

Vo2 max ​

Sleep diary ​

Food diary ​

ASCVD management and counseling ​

Goal management ​

Army tape test 

​​Senior Leader Sustainment
 Room 920​
 11293 SGT E. Churchill St
 Fort Bliss, Texas 79918-8002​
 Phone: 915-742-8013