The International Military Student Office (IMSO) will create the conditions and climate for sustained professional growth and success of our international Students while promoting a favorable impression of the American way of life; and to support the Security Assistance Training Program (SATP) objectives through:

International Program: Provide the International Military Students (IMS’s) with advance information to assist them as they travel to Fort Bliss, in-class information, and preparation for their return journey to their home country.

Administration: Manage all matters pertaining to administration, liaison, personal affairs, welfare, discipline, and official activities of International Military Students (IMS’s).

Courses: Assist the IMS in developing expertise and systems needed for effective management and operations of its armed forces in rapport with the U.S. Armed Forces while attending courses at the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence (NCOL CoE) and Sergeants Major Academy (SGM-A). 

Field Studies: Provide a better understanding of the United States, its people, political system, military, institutions, and way of life through Department of the Army’s Field Studies Program. 

Graduates: Maintain contact with former NCOL CoE International Military Student Graduates in order to provide the most accurate information as it pertains to future potential IMS wishing to attend  courses at the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence.

Sponsorship: Plan, coordinate and execute Department of the Army’s International Military Student Sponsorship Programs. Motto is “American Volunteerism at Work”.

The International Military Student Office (IMSO) serves as the focal point at the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence (NCOL CoE) and Sergeants Major Academy (SGM-A) for all matters pertaining to International Military Students (IMS) and their families. This includes in/out processing, resolving issues and family member support. The IMSO implements the Department of Defense Field Studies Program (FSP) and conducts educational activities which enhance a balanced understanding of U.S. society, ideas and institutions and commitment to internationally recognized human rights. The IMSO serves as the student point of contact for future military international training programs.

The International Military Student Office (IMSO) is committed to providing support to international military personnel ensuring they receive the highest quality U.S. Army training.  We will accomplish this through active involvement and cooperation of all course personnel fostered by teamwork, open communications, integrity, and full utilization of all resources.

International Military Student Office:

  • Values tradition while encouraging innovation
  • Safeguards people, resources, and the environment
  • International Military Student Office shall:
    1. Accomplish the international military training support mission through effective leadership and teamwork.
    2. Promote the dignity and respect of all students, staff, and their families.
    3. Encourage continuous improvement of processes, technical skills and international personnel development.
    4. Be responsive to our International Military Students and their families.
  • International Military Student Office is committed to:
    1. The highest ethical standards
    2. Equal opportunity for all
    3. Open and effective communications
    4. Supporting the chain of command
    5. Excellence
11293 Sergeant E. Churchill Street
Fort Bliss, TX 79918
Director: Room 311C
Deputy Director: 311B
IMSO Training/Resource Management: Room 311D
Field Studies Program: Room 309B
IMSO Admin Assistant: Room 311A
IMSO Sponsorship Coordinator: Room 309A

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