Welcome to NCOLCoE and SGM-A Volunteers

Interested in Volunteering?

Interested in Volunteering?For information specific to volunteering at SGM-A, and or NCOLCoE, contact the designated committee mentor or Organization Point of Contact (OPOC) listed below. For technical questions about the new VMIS website, contact the centralized AFWP Help Desk. 

The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence, the Sergeants Major Academy, Fort Bliss and El Paso community would be most grateful if you respond to this request to assist in the various events throughout the academic year. We look forward to your application to volunteer.
  Become a Volunteer.  JOIN US! 

Dear SGM-A Students, Family Members, NCOLCoE Staff and Family Members and SGM-A Staff/Faculty and Family Members. It is a pleasure to have had you volunteer in past assignments and communities. Join us in making a difference in our Fort Bliss and El Paso Community this academic year.

Helping others or doing something for others can boost one’s emotional health and reduce stress and anxiety. We ask that you please do not attempt to volunteer if you have experienced symptoms related to COVID-19. Continued vigilance and mitigation efforts can protect our communities.

Possible activities that you can volunteer for are: El Paso Community – Habitat for Humanity, Boy Scouts of America Yucca Counsel, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank, Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Fort Bliss Community-Fort Bliss Thrift Shop; Junior Enlisted Family Center volunteers are always needed.

General Volunteers SMC Special Events - the special events include participating as a committee member for events such as Martin Luther King Observance, Day of Remembrance Observance, Trunk or Treat, SGM-A Holiday Events, Class Dining Out.

General Volunteers for SMC Special Skills – the special skills include participating as a committee member for Protocol, Legacy Gift, PAO, Class Coin, Class Yearbook and or as the Class President, POD Leaders or Classroom Leadership. General volunteering could also include participating with JROTC committees, and or Milam Elementary-Partners in Education.

Your Volunteer Coordinator: NCOLCoE and SGM-A: Dr. Evelyn Hollis

Ways to donate from home (Virtual)


Red Cross has a number of volunteer from home positions available, write a letter to a veteran - Ambrosio Gullen Texas State Veterans, 9659 Kenworthy St, El Paso, TX 79924; or signup to become a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer by transcribing historical documents making them more accessible.

What is the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS)  





   Volunteers play an integral role in the life of Soldiers and their Families and are found throughout the military community. The Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) assists the Army Volunteer Corps and Organization Point of Contact (OPOC) in managing dedicated volunteers and allows volunteers a way track their hours, awards, trainings and certificates.

The steps to setup your account for the Volunteer Management Information System


Step 1. REGISTER (only for 1st TIME USERS) –Do not register a new account if you already had one…TRANSITION your account.  After logging into the modernized VMIS for the first time, the volunteer will be asked to fill out extra profile information.
1. Go to https://vmis.armyfamilywebportal.co021m/
2. Click “Register.” Enter the required information and select “Register” to finish.
       a. An automated email is sent to the email entered with a link and a token number.
       b. Select the link in the email to verify the account.
       c. On the page that appears, enter the email address and the token number.
       d. Select “Verify Email.”
       e. Login into the AFWP webpage: https://vmis.armyfamilywebportal.co021m/.
       f. You must complete your AFWP Profile before continuing. In the “Military Community” line, select “Fort Bliss.”
       g. Once complete, click on “Save.”
1. Select “Opportunities” on the left-hand Dashboard.
2.  Click on the ‘FILTERS’ box at the top right page. On the filter page, select Community (Fort Bliss), Organization Group (Leave “All”), Organization (USASMA-Student-Staff-Faculty), County (United States), State (Texas), Zip Code (Leave Blank).
3.  Select a position, view the details and APPLY for a volunteer opportunity. You can apply for more multiple volunteer opportunities.
4.  The Organization Point of Contact (OPOC/Dr. Hollis) must approve your application before you can begin logging volunteer hours.
5.  Follow-up with contact to the volunteer organization.
1. Click on “DASHBOARD” on the left hand navigation menu.
2.  Under the ‘MY VOLUNTEERING’ heading, the Log Hours table contains a list of your active positions with boxes to enter your hours for each day of the week.
3.  Use the left/right arrow buttons at the top right of the table to select the desired weekly period.
4. Enter the hours volunteered, with a 0.25-hour minimum. Your hours are automatically submitted upon entry. For technical questions about the new VMIS website, contact the centralized AFWP Help Desk.

Special Skills

SGM-A CoinsProtocol, Legacy Gift, PAO, Class Coin, Class Yearbook and or as the Class President, POD Leaders or Classroom Leadership


Milam SchoolMilam School Partnership, Volunteer Parents Needed and more

Equal Opportunity 


Hispanic HeritageWomen’s Equality Day, Hispanic Heritage, Black History, Asian Pacific and more

Special Events

Martin Luther King ObservanceMartin Luther King Observance, Day of Remembrance Observance, SGM-A Holiday Events, Class Dining Out

Your Volunteer Coordinators by Departments are:


NCOLCoE:  Mrs. Andrea Owen  
NCOLCoE: Dr. Evelyn Hollis