Army Band ALC provides training in Noncommissioned Officer Common Core Competencies (NCO-C3), MPT leadership, ceremonial band (seated) conducting, drum major for a ceremonial marching band, subordinate counseling, publicity development and implementation, and leading physical readiness training.

Course Objectives

Army Band ALC provides training to Sergeants and Staff Sergeants in the technical and leadership subjects that prepare them for the duties expected at PMOS 42R Skill Level 3.

ALC Preparation Tips

  1. Refresh on Drum Major skills.
  2. Refresh on conducting skills.
  3. Refresh on basic grammar and writing skills, specifically APA 7.
  4. Refresh on ADP 6-22 and TC 7-22.7.
  5. Understand that the Advanced Leader Course is a professional education environment.
  6. Be prepared to collaborate with your peers.
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