The G-3/5/7 is a supporting staff activity responsible for institutional planning in support of the organization’s functional objectives as well as the implementation and execution of the organization’s functional activities. It exercises staff management of programs, processes and initiatives across the NCOLCoE and SGM-A in order to ensure timely and effective prioritization, direction, monitoring, and implementation of the Commandant’s intent.


  • Assumes responsibility and supervisory authority over the combined G3/5/7 activity and hold signature authority on official orders and operational memoranda issued by the Commandant.
  • Generates efficiencies and synchronizes the organization’s operations, planning, and knowledge management; informs and influences activities. Informs and influences activities include, but are not limited to, development and preparation of command-level briefings, messaging products, and mission reporting (i.e. SIGACTS and SITREPs).
  • Holds accountability, oversight, and coordination responsibilities of all short, mid, and long-range planning, orders production, execution oversight, and institutional theme development and messaging.
  • Supervises and synchronizes efforts and activities of subordinate sections.
  • Operationalizes knowledge management across all NCOLCoE activities.
  • Develops themes and unified messaging, in coordination with Command Communications.
  • Applies unified themes and messaging across operations and inform/influence domains.
  • Develops and sustains command-level briefings IAW themes and unified messaging.
  • Maintains focus on Commandant’s intent across domains of planning, operations, knowledge management, and inform/influence activities.