Department of Information Technology


The Department of Information Technology (DOIT) is responsible for maintaining the architecture, hardware, software, and networking equipment for all educational activities at both The NCO leadership Center of Excellence and the Fort Bliss NCO Academy. The DOIT achieves its mission by ensuring SGM-A’s staff and students have access to the most up to date IT technology in its classrooms and offices, and ensures that these systems are available at all times. The DOIT also defends the integrity of the DoD network by providing appropriate access to all IT systems in use at NCOLCoE.

The Department is divided into programming support, classroom support, systems administration, network support, and help desk functions and is composed of the Director, Deputy Director, five DoD civilians, and six contractors.

The DOIT at NCOLCoE currently supports over 1800 computers, nearly 1200 military and civilian personnel and has oversight of approximately 8000 pieces of IT equipment. To stay abreast of technological changes, the DOIT works closely with TRADOC, the Combined Arms Center and the Enterprise Classroom Program and all baseline IT equipment at NCOLCoE is life cycled after 5 years of service. The more complex systems, namely the classroom audio/visual systems are replaced on their independent schedules.