Knowledge Management

What Does Knowledge Management DO?

KM Integrates People, Processes, and Tools within the framework of the Organization to get:

  • Right Knowledge to the
  • Right people in the
  • Right format at the
  • Right time to make the
  • Right decisions

= Leaders and staff have a shared understanding

KM advises the Commandant and staff on strategies to achieve situational understanding and make informed, knowledgeable, and timely decisions.  KM does this by continuously assessing organizational processes, procedures and collaboration tools used to transfer information and knowledge both internal and external to the organization. 

  • Advises the command and staff on KM.
  • Ensures the KM process and procedures are understood in the NCOLCoE.
  • Creates a knowledge network and metrics for evaluating its effectiveness.
  • Develops KM techniques, policies, and procedures for dissemination.
  • Performs staff planning and coordination of KM functions and activities to improve shared understanding, learning, and decisionmaking.
  • Leads efforts to identify gaps in organizational processes.
  • Leads the staff in assessing unit knowledge processes.