Course Management Division



To provide policy oversight and academic governance of educational and training curriculum for the Army’s Noncommissioned Officer Professional Military Education in an ever-changing transformational learning environment and to support the Army’s mission in developing leaders. The Directorate supports the Sergeants Major Academy (SGM-A) in developing, educating, and training critical thinking, problem solving, agile, adaptive, and innovative noncommissioned officers.


To help develop the NCO of 2020 and beyond by producing curriculum that prepares noncommissioned officers to work through complex problems and succeed as part of any unit while contributing to strengthening the force. We will strive to enhance the U.S. Army’s ability to learn fast and adapt quickly to maintain that competitive advantage while keeping pace with technological change and the educational evolution of our Army’s accelerated learning environment.

The NCOLCoE’s Commandant, Deputy Commandant, and Director of Policy and Governance serve concurrently as leaders of the SGM-A. The NCOLCoE’s Director of Policy and Governance additionally serve as the Assistant Dean of Academics for the SGM-A.

Academic governance is the orchestration of efforts among those elements within an educational institution whose principal functions involve execution or direct support of instruction, curriculum design, maintenance of academic standards, or academic research so as to ensure fulfillment of the academic mission.

Academic governance does not involve policies concerning non-faculty personnel, institutional budgets, or facilities management except insofar as their planning may bear on the academic governance process.


The assistant dean has oversight of faculty, student and institutional research to ensure that it conforms to prevailing standards of quality, ethics, and relevance. The NCOLCoE is responsible for oversight of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) in accordance with CGSC Circular 350-1 pertaining to engaging human subjects in research.

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