The Office of the Commandant



People: Unwavering commitment to develop, empower, and inspire.


  1. Build and Develop Leaders: Educating and training Leaders to meet future demands.
  2. Drive Change: Navigating the future through innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness.
  3. Inform: Internally ensuring every member of the team is informed and prepared; Externally messaging our efforts to the Army.


The Office of the Commandant also known as the Command Group, consists of three (3) authorized positions, including the Commandant, the Deputy Commandant, and the Chief of Staff. It is supported directly by the Executive Staff, and the Special Staff. The Executive Staff, Special Staff, and Chief of Staff are organized under the Office of the Commandant but have their own authorizations and chapters.


  • The Commandant of the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence directs the operation of the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence; exercises mission command over all elements assigned or attached to the NCOLCoE; and serves concurrently as the Commandant of the Sergeants Major Academy (SGM-A.) As the SGM-A Commandant directs operation of the SGM-A; supervises the Director, SGM-A; oversees delivery of Sergeants Major Course - Resident (SMC - R) and Sergeants Major Course – Distance Learning (SMC – DL).
  • Supervises the Deputy Commandant, Chief of Staff (CoS); the Executive Staff, which includes the Executive Officer (XO), the Director of the Quality Assurance Office, the Director of the Policy and Governance Directorate (PGD)/ Assistant Dean of Academics (ADA); the Director of the Curriculum Development Directorate (DCD); the Director of the Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Directorate (NCOPDD); and the Director of the Sergeants Major Academy (SGM-A).
  • Affects coordination among elements of the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence and higher headquarters, other centers of excellence, other schools, the installation, and other activities.
  • Establishes missions and priorities for the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence elements. Directs mission revision as necessary, as part of the annual Command Plan development due by July of each year to higher headquarters.
Office of the Commandant Seal