Plans and Operations

The SGM-A Plans and Operations Section provides skilled planning and execution oversight of all Academy functions and events. We meet organizational, student, staff, and faculty needs through comprehensive analysis of academic and administrative requirements; applied expertise in plans, policies, and procedures; and proactive implementation of effective solutions that are responsive to our customers’ needs.

To provide unexpectedly receptive, programmable support to Academy personnel and departments; and effective, efficient, and transparent management of Academy activities.

Departmental Priorities
  • Plan and support mission specific activities.
  • Receive, issue, and track completion of tasks and orders from commandant and higher headquarters.
  • Oversee and synchronize academy activities and resources.
  • Provide large-venue presentation and VTC technical support.
  • Sustain campus facilities and grounds.
  • Manage specified organization-wide programs.

Departmental Responsibilities
  • OPORD, TASKORD, and CONOP analysis and development.
  • Operational liaison with Fort Bliss, ArmyU, CAC, TRADOC, HQDA.
  • Security Programs (security clearances, foreign disclosure, COMSEC).
  • AV/auditorium and VTC technical support.
  • Facilities and grounds sustainment and enhancement.
  • Academy-level ceremonies.

  • Internal and external tasks.
  • Master scheduling (incl. VTC and briefings).
  • Mandatory training and DTMS compliance (IAW AR 350-1).
  • Schools acquisition and attendance (i.e. external courses and classes).
  • Facilities usage and assignment.
  • Foreign visit requests.
  • Safety and occupational health.
  • Environmental and resource conservation programs.

  • Current operations.
  • Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Organization Inspection Program.
  • Management internal controls and compliance (IAW AR 11-2).

Department Imperatives
  • Respect. Mutual and professional; Listen and withhold judgment; Make an effort to understand;
  • Communication. Constant; Think, who else needs to know(?); Make engagements count.
  • Anticipation. Initiate actions required for future success; Forecast future effects.
  • Organizational Familiarity. Academy-wide knowledge of who does what and why.
  • Ultimate Attitude! “Good enough” is the arch-enemy of excellence.
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